Reviews and customer testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

“I have been shopping online in the US for a couple of years and PuntoMio has delivered all my packages to my house very fast and the prices are very fair too.

Thanks to PuntoMio I have been able to save money because the same items can cost double or more here in Argentina.”

Juan Pablo

“I am so happy BrandsMart and PuntoMio started doing international shipping to Brazil because every time I went to their stores in Miami I was limited to what I could buy because of the weight and size of the things I wanted. I bought a TV and it just arrived to my house… I love it!"


“Hi everyone,

Since when I have known PuntoMio I have bought a lot of things online and have it delivered to Brazil by PuntoMio. Since hearing about PuntoMio, I have purchased many things online and have had them delivered to Brazil by PuntoMio.

They send the items from USA to Brazil very fast. The delivery time is very short in comparison to other P.O boxes, and sometimes faster than the Brazilian stores.

The tracking ability, follow up and support of the team is amazing too.

I work as an IT coordinator in an ecommerce department in Brazil and I am responsible for quality assurance. I know for sure that nowadays PuntoMio is the best way to shop online in USA for Brazilians. I intend to do all of my Christmas shopping with PuntoMio.”


“Good day,
I have been shopping online in the US through PuntoMio. I thank your customer service representatives, who have always helped me and answered all my questions.
I wish you success."


“I was always looking for a company I could use for forwarding my packages from the US to Perú and I have finally found one that really provides everything I was looking for. With PuntoMio I don’t have to go to customs to get my packages because they take care of the whole process. İ just buy online in the US what I need, send it to my PuntoMio address and they take care of the International Shipping and deliver it to my house."

Marcela Ibañez

“I have shopped Online in the US for my cell phone, laptop and my children’s presents among other things. It is awesome because me and my family have all the things we want before everybody else and even before they arrive to the stores here in Colombia and even when they arrive, the stores charge a lot so I save money."

Julian Uribe

“I live in Bahamas and it was always hard to find a good way to bring things from the U.S. It was a nice surprise for me when I read in the news that Brandsmart had partnered with PuntoMio and that we could shop for the things we wanted in their website and they will deliver it to me to my house in Nassau.

I bought a 42’ TV in BrandsMart and I received it last week. After that I learned that when I bought that TV I got also my own US address so I am going to start buying my clothes and stuff in the stores I like the best. Thanks BrandsMart and PuntoMio. "



Comments and testimonials we receive from customers who send their purchases from the U.S. to their homes with PuntoMio.

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