Free return shipping on all your orders
If you are not satisfied with your purchase and wish to return the item(s) to the merchant, PuntoMio is here to help. We think that your ability to return an item is a very important part of a satisfactory shopping experience.

To that end, we offer our client’s Free return shipping to Miami up to 10 pounds, of any item shipped using PuntoMio. In addition, once received in our facility in Miami, we will handle the shipping back to the merchant on your behalf.

If the merchant offers free return shipping, or provides you with a pre-paid shipping label, we will simply drop off your merchandise at the appropriate shipping location.

If no specific shipping instructions are given by the merchant, we will ship the item to the merchant on your behalf, at a flat rate of $8.50 for the first pound of your shipment, plus $2 for each additional pound. Shipping will be charged to the credit card we have on file for you.

Follow these simple step by step instructions below to make the process almost as easy as if you resided in the U.S.

Returns Procedure

Step One: Prepare the Item for Return

Go to the website from where you bought the item you wish to return and read the merchant’s return policy. Prepare item for shipping as per their instructions. 1.) Always use original packaging if possible, 2.) Include original invoice in box, (this is important for both the merchant and for US customs) and 3. Print and Affix shipping label to package, if one is supplied by the merchant.

Step Two: Contact the Local PuntoMio Customer Service Center

Contact our local Customer Service center and arrange to drop your package off in our local office or have the item picked up at your home or office. The local pickup will carry a charge of USD15. Our local customer service professional can also help you clarify the merchant’s return policies if you need assistance.

Step Three: Local Office Ships item to Miami

Our local office will ship your return to our facility in Miami, free of charge, up to a maximum weight of 10 pounds. If your package weighs more than 10 pounds, we will ship the first 10 pounds free of charge and will bill you the remaining weight based on a flat rate of $5 per pound. Free returns are limited to one return per item. Each client is permitted a maximum of up to 5 free returns per year.

Step Four : PuntoMio Returns Merchandise to Merchant*

Once received in our Miami office, your shipment will be shipped to the merchant as per their return instructions or via a PuntoMio courier at the rate of $8.50 for the first pound and $2 for each additional pound. These charges will be billed to your credit card. A tracking number will be made available to you upon shipment from our Miami office.

*PuntoMio cannot be held responsible for the failure of the merchant to apply appropriate credit due to you for your return. PuntoMio s responsibility ends once the package has been shipped from our facility.

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