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Welcome to the PuntoMio Affiliate Program!

What is the PuntoMio affiliate program?

The PuntoMio affiliate program allows you to earn Money by promoting our tax free us address / parcel forwarding service on your site(s)

What is PuntoMio?

PuntoMio makes it possible for people outside of the US to shop directly from US websites and receive their goods at their homes. By registering for our service, every client receives a physical tax free address in the US that he or she can use to receive purchases from their favorite US stores. PuntoMio receives the customer’s packages and ships them directly to their door in their country.

How can I participate in the PuntoMio affiliate program?

Start by sending us a request to become a PuntoMio affiliate. At the moment we are in the process or revamping our affiliate program interface so we might take longer than expected to review and approve  your site as partner. Once approved you will be contacted by one of our affiliate marketing managers who will provide you with the necessary tools to start promoting our services . You will be assigned a unique affiliate number that will identify customers that are referred by your site or sites and qualify you for a revenue share commission.

How long does it take to get approved?

We have experienced a high demand of applications and our review process is manual, we might take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to review and approve you as an affiliate merchant.

What are the costs to become an affiliate?

There is no cost to become a PuntoMio affiliate. You will earn money on your referrals to PuntoMio.

How much do I make for every referral I send to PuntoMio?

PuntoMio will pay you a fixed flat fee per each registration generated from your website. We offer incentives payouts based on volume generated. Here is the explanation of payouts:

  • 0-99 - $1.05 USD per registration
  • 100 – 399 - $1.10 USD per registration
  • 400 and above - $1.15 USD per registration

Puntomio also rewards you for the activations generated by your marketing efforts with the following payout structure:

  • 1-49 Activations - 30% of activation fee

  • 50-99 activations - 40% of activation fee
100 and above - 50% of activation fee 

How much does your service cost to my referrals?

Puntomio does not charge a registration fee to customers, customers can subscribe for an address with no charges.

What is the cookie duration on your site?

The cookie duration on our site is 30 days. That means that if your customer comes to our site and registers up to 30 days later, you will still be credited with the commission for that referral.

How often does PuntoMio pay its affiliates?

PuntoMio will make payments to its affiliates within the first 10 days of every month. In order to receive payment you must have accumulated a minimum balance of USD$50 in your account and your referrals must be in our database for a minimum of 30 days.

What countries can I promote PuntoMio to?

You can promote PuntoMio in any country where we currently provide deliveries: To see the complete list click here.

How can I promote PuntoMio?

It’s important to understand that in order to receive commissions from your referrals to PuntoMio, any referral must carry your unique affiliate link which can only be obtained via registration in the program and the use of the materials as instructed.

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