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Your Tax Free Address

What is a Tax Free Address?

PuntoMio has been designated a tax-free address within the Florida Sales Tax Free Zone so that purchases shipped to this address are not charged the 7% US Sales Tax that normally applies to your online purchases.

What does this mean to me?

This means that merchants should not charge you the Florida Sales Tax of 7% on purchases sent to this address.

What do I need to do to get this savings?

In order for you to take advantage of this savings, you must use the PuntoMio address shown below and use this new address each time you shop online in the US:

7701 NW 15th Street
Suite (this number remains the same)
Miami, FL. 33106

What should I do if the merchant charges me Sales Tax?

If you are charged the Florida sales tax on a purchase, please scan a copy of the invoice to our Customer Service Department at and we will contact the merchant to advise them of the tax free designation. Please note that some merchants are slower than others to update their database with the most current tax information and therefore we cannot guarantee that this information will be updated before your next purchase.

Using your PuntoMio address

How do I use my PuntoMio address?

Each time you shop, use the address we assign you as your U.S. shipping address.


Your Name
7701 NW 15 Street
Suite XX-0000
Miami, FL 33106

Making Purchases

How do I know if my packages have arrived?

As soon as a package arrives at your PuntoMio address, our system will automatically send you an email letting you know it has been received.

What happens if my package arrives to my US Address but I have not added my credit card information or shipping address?

As soon as package arrives at your PuntoMio address, our system will automatically send you an email letting you know it has been received, additionally when you log on to My Account section you will see a notification pending on “My Shipments” and in this section each package on hold will have a warning sign to let you know the reason of the hold, if it is due to a credit card and shipping information then a link will be available for you to click on and update necessary information for us to process your packages. Please note once credit card is updated on our system we will automatically bill this card for the total of your pending charges and the same treatment will be given for new packages received under your account.

I′m concerned about using my credit card for online purchases.

If for security reasons, you prefer not to use your credit card for online purchases, there are other options you can use:

  1. We recommend using Google Wallet or Paypal as payment methods if you feel uneasy about having to repeatedly enter your credit card information on different websites. With these payment systems, you are only required to enter your credit card information once, during registration. This information is never shared with the merchant you are purchasing from. See Payment Options for more details on these valuable services.
  2. Another alternative is to request a pre-paid credit card from your bank giving you the flexibility of depositing the necessary funds for your online shopping needs. This type of credit card gives you total control over the availability of your funds.

What should I do if the merchant doesn′t accept my credit card because of an international billing address?

There are other options for when merchants do not accept international credit cards:

  1. Most credit card companies allow the primary card holder to add a second address to their account or change their primary address. If this is your case, you may use your PuntoMio address as your billing address. Some banks even have a U.S. address that their client′s can use. We recommend you contact your bank in order to confirm whether they offer these options.
  2. Even if you are unable to change the billing address of your credit card, some merchants will accept your international credit card as long as you use a U.S. billing address upon check out. At this point, you should use your PuntoMio address in Miami as both your Shipping and Billing addresses. Most merchants do not verify the billing address therefore, as long as the charge is approved, the order will be processed.
  3. We recommend using Pay Pal as an alternate payment method in the event your credit card is not accepted. Thousands of online merchants accept Pay Pal as a payment method and permit registration of international credit cards. See Payment Options for more details on using Pay Pal as well as, a list of merchants that accept this service.

Where to Shop

For our benefit of our customer′s, we have created alist of suggested stores we call Verified by PuntoMio, This list of consists of top US etailers, organized by categories, that accept international credit cards and that provide the necessary security you require for all online shopping needs. Additionally, each of these stores is included in the "2008 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide".

Why do US merchants add additional 4 numbers to my US Address Postal Code

In 1983 the U.S. Postal Service began using the expanded ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code in order to expedite shipping to specific office blocks, mailing centers, and other areas that receive a high volume of mail.

The last four numbers aren't mandatory, but they can help expedite delivery. You can find the "ZIP + 4" of any address in the United States by using this tool from the Postal Service. PuntoMio does not provide the last 4 digits of your Postal code in your address but this is not a problem as the code populates automatically once the package is processed by the USPS or in some cases online merchants will ask you to verify the address with the additional 4 digits in place.

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